FK Kabel

Football club Kabel from Novi Sad is founded in 1932. They curently plays in the regional league of the city Novi Sad (PFL Novi Sad), which is fifth rank of competition in Serbia. Their stadium is located almost under a bridge over the Danube connecting Novi Sad and Petrovaradin. There are stands on the south and north. They are made ​​of steel profiles with wooden slats on them for sitting. To the north are two separate stands with the changing rooms in the middle. Of course, all this is in poor condition and is calling for renovation. The club was once known for a better situation and played the bigger leagues. Pictures speak better than words (especially than my words in English).

Graffiti on the fence of the stadium
The official entrance, on the right is a restaurant
South stand
On the south stand
East end
West end
North stand and changing rooms in the middle
A closer look at the left stand in the north
Changing rooms
Right stands in the north
A closer look

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