Hajrá Csaba!

Békéscsaba 1912 Előre SE 0-0 Újpest FC "B"
Ness Hungary NB II. Kelet - II
Békéscsaba, Kórház utcai stadion

att: 800

 On Saturday morning I sat on the bus to Szeged, Hungary. From there I went to Békéscsaba, with the intention to look at a team that was once played the European competitions while today's is second-division team. Békéscsaba (or shorter Csaba) is a town in Eastern Hungary with some sixty thousand inhabitants. It is easy to get there, even reach the stadium which is located on the other side of the city in relation to the bus station. Csaba center is very nice with a pedestrian zone, at whose end there are two huge churches followed by the street Kórház. There is stadium that has a name except for the street also has simple name Bekescsabai Stadion. From the street it was apparently a huge stadium. The stadium was built in 1974 and has a capacity of around 10,500 spectators. There are several gates to enter from the street. Admission was 700Ft which is slightly more than 2 euros. It does not matter on which gate you enter, because once you're inside the stadium, you can go on stand that you want. On the street side is the largest stand, divided into sectors with a cage for the visiting fans, which there was not today. On the opposite side is a covered stand with wooden benches for seating. At its end to the club building is something that I like in Hungary, buffet. Please one "Soproni" beer, thank you...but I drank better beers. Behind the stand there is an auxiliary pitch with artificial grass. I think the latest built stand, with plastic seats and an electric scoreboard, is located behind the goal on western side. On it was the group of local fans called "Bad Boys". A couple girls and a few not so bad guys. In some moments of the game except the players on the field I heard how people eat snacks! Incredible silence. From the game I was expecting more. Looking at some of the previous results I thought it would be a lot of goals. In the end, only 0-0. There was excitement and chances to score during a match, but today was not destined to see some goals.

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