Bačko Gradište

FK Vojvodina (B.Gradište) - FK Obilić (Vilovo) 6:2
MFL Vrbas-Titel-Žabalj - VI
SC Djordje Tapavica Džoja, Bačko Gradište

Football club Vojvodina is from Bačko Gradište, the village located on the road Novi Sad-Bečej. The club is founded in 1913 and throughout its history has played in the lower ranks of the competition with varying success. The stadium is located within the sports center Djordje Tapavica Džoja built in 1983. There is one covered stand on which last year was installed 240 seats. The club currently plays in the sixth rank of  competition, but they print tickets for each game with the names of the opponents, which is rare in Serbia. Also, in the club restaurant are available T-shirts with the club emblem! A warm welcome and friendly atmosphere make this visit delightful experience.

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