FK Jagodina 2-1 FK Radnički (Kragujevac)
Jelen Super liga - I
Gradski stadion, Jagodina
att: 350

Jagodina is located in the central part of the Morava River district, only 136 km south of Belgrade and 130 km north of Niš. This is a city with a long football tradition, and the first football club called FK Zora was founded back in 1919. Today's football club Jagodina, finally under that name was formed in 1962 by merging three clubs: FK Morava, FK Partizan and OFK Kablovi.
For decades, the club played in the lower ranks of competition with occasional placements in the second rank. The final step was taken in the 2007/08 season when the club qualified for the Serbian Super ligaIn the 
2011/12 season he won the best placement in history, 4th place at the end of the championship and first placement in the European cups. His first and only trophy, Serbian Cup, football club Jagodina wins in the 2012/13 season.
Capacity of original stadium, built in 1958, was 20,000 spectators. Currently Jagodina plays on modern floodlights stadium with 10,000 capacity.

This weekend has started here in Jagodina, and continued in Čačak and Novi Pazar.

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