FK Jedinstvo Martonoš 3-1 FK Jedinstvo Srpski Krstur
Potiska liga - VI
Igralište u Martonošu
att: 20
Martonoš is a village located in the Kanjiža municipality in the north of Serbia. The village football club was formed back in 1922. Over the years, several times he was extinguished but this year again began to play football in the village. At the entrance to the village on the right side when going from the direction of Kanjiža is their playground bordered by a fence of roofing tiles. A small house that serves as a dressing room and a lot of open space for the audience, for such a small village just enough.


  1. I would like to invite you to the stadium "Dr Nele Karajlić" in Banjaluka, home of Football club Rekreativo. Book your ticket in advance since stand has only 24 seats :)

    1. For a long time I have intention to come to Banja Luka, so I hope that I will have one ticket when I come :)

    2. We dont have tickets for the game, but if u really want one, we could make an exception and make one. but just one :)