Sopot is located about fifty kilometers south of Belgrade. Well-connected and widespread network of roads allows quick arrival in Sopot from all directions. The fastest connection from Belgrade is highway Belgrade-Mali Požarevac-Sopot, or with the old road through the Avala.
FK Sopot is football club founded in 1927. The last fifteen years plays in the same league, Srpska liga "Beograd" which is third rank of competition in Serbia. They play their home matches at the stadium "Park vukova". The stadium is located on the main road near the city center and the bus station. It has a small stand behind one goal, another stand on the east and on the west next to central lodge another small stand. I do not have information when the stadium was built at this location but the plastic seats were set last year when the stadium got a capacity of 1,100 seats.


  1. In the first photo I see very interesting stand. It is the same place which is in photo number four?

    1. Yes, it is. That is in some way VIP and press lounge.

  2. But Sopot now have a new stand ond the west, and capacity of the stadium ,,Park Vukova" is 2,000.

  3. But Sopot now have a new stand and capacity of stadium is 2,000 seats.