The municipality of Mladenovac, one of the 17 urban municipalities of the City of Belgrade, is situated in the northern part of the lowland region of Šumadija. By bus and by car we can get from Belgrade to Mladenovac (55 km) by highway Belgrade-Niš and leave it at Mali Požarevac which is 13 km far from Mladenovac as well as by old road via Avala, Ralja and Sopot. Also we can get to Mladenovac from Kragujevac, Smederevo by main roads. Also the main railroad from Belgrade to Sofia via Niš goes through Mladenovac. 
OFK Mladenovac is a football club based in Mladenovac, Serbia. Club is established in 1924. In the last decade has been steadily on the see-saw between the third and second league so it will play next season again in Srpska liga "Beograd", which is third rank of competition. Their home ground is stadium "Selters". The stadium is located on the outskirts of town on the road leading to the mountain Kosmaj. At this place there is since 1956 and in the recent years at his only stand are placed plastic seats. The stadium now has a capacity of 942 seats. Tickets are available at the ticket windows of the stadium on the day of the match, but do not worry, is never sell out


  1. Does anyone know where OFK Mladenovac play in 2014/15 and if so is there a link to their results

  2. In this season Mladenovac withdrew from the competition due to financial problems...