FK Kordun 1-1 FK Borac B.Gračac
PFL Sombor - V
Stadion Korduna, Kljajićevo
Kljajićevo is a village in Serbia, in the municipality of Sombor. It is located 13 km from the town of Sombor on the road that connects Sombor with Novi Sad. In this village with about 6,000 inhabitants, a football club was founded in 1947. The club is named after the region from where are the people who immigrated after world war II, from Kordun. FK Kordun plays their home matches at the stadium, which is simply called by the name of the club. There´s even a small covered stand with 138 seats. Admission was 100 Rsd (€1), but although the club currently plays in Regional league, which is fifth rank of competition, on the ticket writes the name of the league that once played and which no longer exists under that name. Does not matter, the precious piece of paper in hands, the game, a few photos and back on the road.


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