End of season

By the end of July and early August, no more league matches. The season is over, waiting for the new. It is very difficult "to capture" teams in my environment when and where will be playing training matches, for the teams that have not traveled somewhere abroad. But ... There is one song, the words go something like this: "Even if I want, I can not...". These days I decide to go to play some football with friends, after a long time. This picture shows how I ended up.
After 10 minutes of play, my old ligament injury are renewed. For a while I will watch football on TV only. Unfortunately! 
But, I'll be back!



  1. au čoveče, inače svaka čast za blog i sve ove slike, nema mnogo slika ovih stadiona pa je ovo pravo blago. pozdrav i nadam se da ćeš se oporaviti što brže!

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