FK Radnički Obrenovac 4-1 FK Rakovica
Srpska liga Beograd - III
Stadion Radničkog na Vašarištu - Obrenovac
att. ~ 150

Obrenovac is situated 30 km south-west of central Belgrade. Frequent departures of buses make this town easily accessible. Whether you come by bus or by car at the entrance to the town from the direction of Belgrade on the left side of the road is in sight construction of semi finished stadium. 
As at the national level, football and FK Radnički Obrenovac retained the title of most popular sport in town. The club, a popular "Raba", is founded in 1927. The biggest success was playing in the first rank of the competition at the beginning of the 21th century. With this success, there are also plans to build a new stadium so that in 2001 began construction which unfortunately was never completed.
The stadium is located next to the river Kolubara, which flows to the east of the town on its way to join the river Sava. That is why stadium is called "Stadion pored Kolubare" although the official name is "Stadion Radničkog na Vašarištu". Vašarište is the site where is located. There exist two stands, of which the one has somewhere around 500 seats and the total capacity of the stadium is estimated to be around 7,000. 
On match day is gathered only around 150 spectators although admission was only 200rsd. Tickets are available on the gate before match. The match itself was pretty interesting, considering that guests team are at the beginning took the lead, while "Raba" until the end of the match, turned result in their favor and won convincingly. 

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