FK ŽSK Žabalj 3-0 FK Budućnost Gložan
PFL Novi Sad - V
Stadion ŽSK, Žabalj
att: 90

Žabalj is place and municipality in Serbia, situated in geographical centre of Vojvodina. Located on the road M7 that connects Novi Sad and Zrenjanin, it is well connected to big cities nearby and it is quite easy to get there.
FK ŽSK is a football club based in Žabalj. The club was founded in 1927 and currently is by far the most successful sports club in the municipality. Currently plays in the PFL Novi Sad, in the fifth rank of competition, in which currently holds the first place, with the expectation that they will stay there and so to repeat their success from the 1995th season. Their stadium is located at the exit from the Žabalj on the road to Čurug. It has a stand built in the early nineties and with seats, placed in recent years has a capacity of 459. Interestingly, under these stand except the dressing rooms also has a place a club restaurant. 
Tickets are available on the gate and typically cost 100 rsd (€1), but if you're a local fan of the club you can buy an annual ticket, which is quite unusual for this rank!

Tickets are also available on the gate
Tickets are also available on the gate

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