FK Bačka Mol 1-0 FK Subotica
PFL Subotica - V
Stadion "Bačka", Mol
att: 160

Logo of FK BAČKA MolMol is a village located in the Ada municipality with population numbering 6,700 people. It is located on the main road Novi Sad-Bečej-Senta-Horgoš-Szeged, which extends in a north-south. With these places is well connected by bus lines. Once you are in the city center is very easy to get to the stadium. You just need to turn east and head towards the river Tisa. Tisa is for those who lived and who still live near its shores, has always been and remains a source of life, hope of survival but also vicious and unpredictable opponent. The stadium is located on its shore, approximately 10 minutes from the centre of village. It is part of the complex, which contains in addition to football and outdoor basketball, concrete ground for football, tennis court and playground for children. This is a pretty nice picture on Sunday afternoon. While mothers take care of the children who are playing, fathers watch the match. Rural idyll.
Football club is a very old and has existed since 1914. and always played in the regional ranks of the competition. They curently plays in 5th rank of competition, PFL Subotica. Admission was free, of course, how for this match as well as for all other in Mol. The first time I was here as a spectator and frankly I was expecting some "hot" atmosphere, because previous years, the local boys were gathered in a fan group "West Boys", but no sign of them. In the west over the length of the field there is stand, with covered central part. Inside was a camera which was filmed the whole match. On the other side, next to the entrance is another small stand with changing rooms in the extension. With the disappearance of the sun, the match was over and all around the stadium is slowly became still. And who wanted to toast the victory had to go back to the village center. Cheers.

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