Time out

Winter has arrived. In my country, and in the greater part of Eastern Europe, football theater becomes very quiet. Football went into hibernation. Until March next year, there is no matches. Three too long months, somehow should be overcome so much time. Maybe I flies away to England ...gladly, but unlikely. And if it happened somewhere along the way I see a ground, you can be sure that I would stop and...or if I was able to enter into a some hall and see some match in any indoor sports, excellent. If nothing else, recharging the batteries for new challenges in 2012. I am glad that so many you guys, had this time with me on this blog. Until we meet again, best regards.



  1. Hello, Gruja!
    Do you intend to see some handball next month? As you probably know, Serbia is the host nation of European championships in January. I have four tickets for group stage, but I'm not quite sure I'll make it.

    Pozdrava! :)

  2. Yes, I know. I had intended to watch some match but I do not think I will get, since I have a lot of commitments at the end of January.