FK Vinogradar 2-1 FK Panonija IM Topola

PFL Subotica - V
"Vinogradar", Hajdukovo
att: 165

Hajdukovo is a village located in the Subotica municipality and has near the 2,500 inhabitants. Hajdukovo has a long tradition in the cultivation of fruits and vineyards, and from there the name of the club is Vinogradar (someone who deals with the vineyards). The football club was founded in 1947.
To the stadium you enter through a pizzerias backyard. Football ground is with one mounting stand that is covered. Located on the north side, which is a rarity in Serbia, the grounds are usually turn in the direction of the north-south. Behind the stand is located club building with locker rooms and out of them leads tunnel on the pitch. At four rows in the stands, sits on the wooden slats. Notice that the stand is located next to the dumpster, really strange. On the other side, behind dugouts, there is additional ground. At the corner flag in the south west is another facility, which serves also to observe the games, although I think that it was not his purpose when it was built.

 Yes, they have a group of fans.

Two of the best seats are at the neighbors.

Goalkeeper indicate the help of two women, first one is referee and the second is physiotherapist.

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